Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tell me more, Tell me more!!

I am linking up with Amy Lemons over at Step into Second Grade for her "Tell me more, Tell me more!!" linky party. These are in no particular order. Just a few random things about me. 

 1. My husband and I are a house divided, well at least for one game a year. The Florida vs. Vandy game. Brad went to Vandy for his undergrad degree and we both got our graduate degrees from Florida. No matter what, my blood still bleeds Orange and Blue.
 2. I am a huge proponent for raising money for cancer research. I raise money every year for Relay for Life. This year I surpassed my goal and raised over $1200!! My family has breast cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, and bladder cancer. If there is anything I can do to help find a cure for this disease I am all for it!

 3. I'm a movie star!! Just kidding! I'm not a movie star but my friend and I had a documentary filmed in our classroom. I am proud of this movie. We noticed some segregation in our district and decided to connect our  kindergarten students through pen pal letters. I was honored to present this project at numerous conferences. I wish the documentary would have gotten more recognition because the guys did a great job on it. Who knows, it's never too late!
4. I was born in Boise, Idaho! I try to go there often to see my grandparents. I love it there and it isn't too hot!!

5. Brad and I grew up together. We were in the same second grade class (for 2 weeks) and went to middle and high school together. We started dating our freshman year of college and survived 4 years in a long distance relationship. I love this guy more and more every day! 

6. For the past 10 months Brad and I have been changing our life style through Take Shape for Life. I am the smallest I have been since early middle school. Brad has lost 125 pounds and I have lost 107 pounds! I am so proud of our accomplishments and thankful for Brad's support. I couldn't have done this on my own and it was something we needed to do. 

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  1. You have been such an inspiration to me and I am so proud to call you my friend!! You are an amazing teacher, friend and one of the most optomistic people I know! I LOVE YOU!