Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thank you for the patience...

I know I have been MIA for over a year. Life happened in a major way. I am at a point where I can talk/write about it and plan to do so. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will have some time to sit down and tell you our story and how a traumatic brain injury has changed our lives. Some of the changes have been hard, some easy, and all with the best interest of our miracle baby, Lincoln, in mind. I will write as much as I can throughout each sitting, but it's not a short story and it's a hard story to tell. However, if it will help anyone else, I am happy to tell it.

Lincoln has always been our miracle baby. You can read about our infertility journey on previous posts. September 17, 2013 is a day that we will never forget. It was the day that the most terrifying event in our lives took place. We took Lincoln to daycare as we did every morning. DH had jury duty that day so he had the car. He picked me up around 4:00 and we went to pick up Lincoln. When we got there, Lincoln was in different clothes and asleep in the crib. We were told by the director that he had a "rough day". Now, if you know Lincoln, you know he was the easiest baby ever. Naturally, I was concerned about this rough day. His teacher picked him up and would not let go of him. She told us that he had been throwing up for the past hour, but we never received a phone call. She spent what felt like forever telling us about the mess his vomit made and holding our baby. She mentioned that he rolled over and hit his head on a piece of furniture. Again, no phone call. No incident report. I have worked in several daycares and know the correct procedure is to fill out an incident report for everything! Lincoln had a small mark next to his right eye. Nothing to be concerned about. When she handed me Lincoln he didn't wake up at all. Again, very uncharacteristic for Lincoln.

As we drove home (a 5 min drive from the daycare), we noticed he didn't budge in his car seat. When we got inside, I changed his diaper and Brad tried to wake him up. In the meantime, I called the pediatrician and my mom to see what I should do, and if I was over reacting. We decided in that 5 minutes that we needed to take him to the ER.

I'm sorry. I wanted to write more tonight, but this is my limit for now. It's strange how things hit you. I haven't cried over this event in months. I have been fine talking about it. Yet, some days it hits me hard. It's not at that point, but I have learned to recognize my limit. For those of you that have followed our story in the media or through our Facebook page, thank you. Thank you for the prayers, the kind words, and the ongoing strength you have given our family. It has made this journey easier to know so many people love our little boy.