Monday, June 27, 2011

Market Monday!

Ahhh... the life of a housewife, that's me during the summer. I didn't have an exciting day. However, I am hoping this evening is exciting with a Gator win!

Today was market Monday, as far as chores go. Plus, today's declutter area was my pantry. I put it early in the schedule knowing I would put it off as long as possible. I started my morning off with breakfast at Chick-fil-a with Brad. I love their bagels! Then, I came home and chose to Zumba for my workout. I am enjoying the game. It's kicking my butt and I think once I get the moves down, I will enjoy it more. But, my poor foot doesn't like it. *Katie: How does your foot manage?* Right now it is spending some quality time with an ice pack. After working out, I tackled the dreaded pantry. I can't even believe how old some of the food was in there. So much food was wasted! Three garbage bags to be exact (some of that was also from the fridge). My main goal was to clear a shelf for our wine and liquor. Currently, our bottles are on a bottom shelf of a book shelf. Not very kid friendly and we with our friends, we have kiddos over quite often. So... top shelf in the pantry! *Chris: Your scotch is waiting for you!!*

Pantry is clean. Liquor and wine is moved. Grocery trip is complete. And to top it all off, brownies are baking in the oven. Mmmmm! I'm off to watch Florida play South Carolina for the Baseball National Championship! GO GATORS!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Shower

We celebrated the upcoming arrival of Carson David Mueller this past Saturday. We had a shower for Sarah in Round Rock. I made this diaper cake. It's my third one. I think they are getting better every time. :) 

This is the cake. Pretty funny! 

And, here is the beautiful momma to be! She is radiant! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last post for today...

My artsy abode! I love it! :) Since I don't have a whole room (because the bed is there for guests) I am happy with my corner. 

 While I was crafting and Brad was video gaming, Daisy was .... well, sleeping. That is, until I took a picture.


I used my YourStory machine for the first time today. First, I made a book. My students wrote me letters at the end of the year. I put them all in this book and bound it with my new book binding machine. 

Then, inside I also glued in a CD envelope and put the DVD I made the kids with all the pictures inside it. It will be a great keepsake.

Then, I used the laminating part of the machine. I made new bathroom passes. The laminating part is amazing! The laminate is thick and my passes are too cute!!

M is for Miscellaneous

A folder cover for my Junior League notebook. I made my name out of markers. You put them in the same place you would put the blade and it draws the design instead of cutting it. Then, I used my new wavy blade on my new cutting board to cut it out.

This is my notebook that I'm using for meeting notes this year. It already had polka dots on it. I fancied it up with the "Notes" and the year. I used the Winnie the Pooh font. I think it is my favorite font. :) 


 I made this to go inside my binder for other notes. I used the Simply Charmed cartridge, another one of my favorites. :)

Handmade Cards

Since I have had some extra time, I decided to make cards instead of buying them. The first card is a graduation card for Brad's cousin. She graduated from high school, making us feel old! I remember when she was just a kid... I disgress! Inside is a fancy scroll for the message. :)

My Aunt Shawna fell off a walking path the other day and broke her femur! :( She had to have surgery to put some pins in her legs. She was in a ton of pain! I made this little punny card for her. I know it won't take away the pain, but hopefully it will put a smile on her face.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of those dad's out there! I am so lucky to have so many father figures in my life. I have one amazing daddy! I will always be his little girl and I am so glad he came to visit us a few weeks ago. Not only did he come visit us, he brought me a hat signed by my favorite quarterback, Tim Tebow!!

Below are the cards I made for my dad, stepdad, father in law, and step father in law. Oh yeah, I also made one for Brad's grandad because he's always been another dad in Brad's life. I had to go to the store to get manly paper. I could see some ties that really look like this. :)

                                               Inside the card:

To all you dad's in the interwebs.... Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

You gotta spend money to save money!

Well, maybe... maybe not. I did hit up another really good sale today. On, if you buy a cartridge that costs $34.50 or more, then you get the Mickey Mouse font cartridge and the Mickey and friends cartridge for FREE!!! Wow!! So, I got the other Disney princess cart, since I don't have that one yet. I thought I would share that great deal with you. I was excited!

The other highlight of my day is UF winning their first game in the College World Series. :) Go Gators!!! I have apparently gone out of order in my 40 bags, 40 days declutter project. I have been organizing my office for all of the crafts I want to make. So... back to my office. Maybe I will be happy with it by the end of the weekend and it will be free of some clutter. Have a good weekend and Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Don't forget...

I love keeping you updated on our life. What I love even more... seeing your comments! :) I may even comment back. Ha!

Web Deals!!

OMG! I am so excited! I usually like shopping at stores, so I can pick up the item and take it home right away. However, I have gotten some amazing deals by shopping online this summer! I have gotten a lot of craft items. First, I bought this purple Cricut Expression on ebay for $80!! That's how much I paid for my personal cutter. :) I was ecstatic to get a great deal. I also got 2 cartridges, Playtime Lite and Thinking of You font cartridge. 
 My second deal, which is probably even better was a buy a Cricut Cartridge, get a YourStory Book binder and laminator for free! This was a Father's Day deal and I took advantage of it! I have a father... that counts... right? I bought the Cindy Lou cartridge and I got the machine pictured below. It includes this amazing paper cutter with different blades (wavy, perforated, and another straight cut) and the book binding machine, which can also laminate!

 But wait! It gets better! They also sent me 5 books so I don't have to buy my books. :) Plus, they sent me a pack of laminating sheets.
I am so excited and I can't wait to craft away. The only problem is... what do I want to make??

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Day for Summer

Whew! I'm tired! I had a very busy day for it being summer. My day started with a workshop on questioning. The workshop was actually painless. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Then, I went to lunch with a friend. After lunch I wandered around the mall. I was going to meet some friends at 3:30 for MDC3's birthday party. I decided to spend the rest of the time (until other people came) people watching. Nothing too exciting in the BCS mall. However, someone decided the mall was too boring because the fire alarm sounded at 3:25. This girl and I looked at each other, trying to decide if this was real or not. She worked at Claire's so she went back to the store. I decided to do the safe thing and evacuate the mall. After 10 minutes in the sweltering summer heat, they finally announced that it was a false alarm.

Then, everybody came for the birthday party. It was simple and a great idea for busy moms. It was so much fun watching the boys play with each other. Then, book club this evening... fantastic as always. I am so thankful for the friends I have made through book club. It is so nice to have friends in the same stage of life that I am in. BCS, Texas wouldn't be the same without them!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reading Machine

With all of my extra time I have been reading a lot! I'll give you my thoughts on a few of the books I have read. :)

The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
This is our book club selection this month. The book was easy to read, but I would not want Amy Chua for my mom!! She is ridiculous! Crazy mom, I mean Tiger Mother is insane about her kids practicing music. So insane that they have to practice on vacation!! H to the No! The book was entertaining but it isn't one that I would say anyone HAS to read. I spent most of my time mad about the way she treated her kids.

Sarah's Key
I just read this book this week. I am fascinated by the Holocaust and love reading books about it. Morbid, I know. I have read several Holocaust books, but this one puts a personal touch on it. It takes a modern family and their lives somehow intertwine with a French Jewish girl that a prisoner during the Holocaust. If you enjoy reading morbid, yet hopeful books then you will enjoy this one. It's tough. It's sad. Yet, there is hope.

The Pioneer Woman
My friend Sarah let me borrow this book and I loved it!! I could totally see the movie playing in my head while I read it. Ree started the book as a blog (hmm....) and it developed into this great love story. It is the first book that I have started and finished in the same day in a long time! Read it!!

I won't give you a review of the following books, but I really enjoyed them if you are looking for a good book to read.

The Help
The Hunger Games (Trilogy)

Junior League

My grandma would be proud. She is a sustaining member of Junior League in Boise. I just started my first active year. I have my official red nametag! This years assignment is membership development. I am assisting provisionals in their first year in Junior League. I have 9 girls that I am mentoring. I say girls, but they are women, all married without kids. I am really excited about this year!

Summer time!

My calendar cleared up when school ended. I have had a lot of time on my hands, which is a good thing. Sometimes I get too busy! So, what are my summer plans?? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! Actually, I am keeping occupied. I am following two cleaning plans that my friend Sarah told me about. I get my "chores" done by 10 and get ready for lunch with Brad. Then, I have my afternoon to do whatever, which is usually reading or crafting.

Here is my chore list:
Market Monday (Meal planning and grocery store)
Toilets, tubs, and towels Tuesday
Washing Wednesday (Laundry day!) Do you like the alliteration??? I didn't come up with it. :)
Dusting Thursday (Don't ask me what happened to the alliteration!)
Floors Friday

In addition, I am doing 40 bags in 40 days. I have divided my apartment into 40 sections. Each day I tackle a section and declutter. I have taken 3 bags to Goodwill, thrown away a LOT of stuff and posted a lot of stuff to sell online. So even though I don't have a ton planned... I have stayed busy. Plus, my house stays clean...still messy, but at least it's clean.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I really should keep to my NY's resolutions...

Every year I say that I am actually going to keep up with my blog. Well, we see how well that went. Here it is June and I am writing my first post of 2011.

Things are going well in the lives of Shummy. Brad and I have both been busy with work and Daisy has been busy... well, I take that back. Daisy has been lazy! Oh the life of a dog. Not much has gone on. We went to Florida for the Milton/Brkich wedding 3.0. We had a blast and it was so great to see Katie and Chris.

Summer is in full swing! It is HOT!! We have been in triple digits all week. There is humidity, but it isn't as heavy as Florida's, which is nice. Dad came to visit for Memorial Day weekend. We had a blast with him. I am so thankful that he was able to come out. I always enjoy getting company from home. We don't have any huge summer plans. Just hanging out around the house. :) Works for me! It's been interesting to be home without Brad during the summer. We have lunch together almost every day and I spend my time cleaning, reading, and relaxing.

There's a quick update! Not much... but there isn't much going on.