Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This was an experience. I thought our three hour trip to Target for our wedding registry was long. Boy! Was I wrong! We spent 4 hours in store on Saturday and 4ish hours online on Sunday. But, we are done. 200+ items later. There will be plenty of options for our family.

One of the hardest decisions was choosing a theme. The boy sets aren't as cute. Plus, with my butterfly obsession, a girl nursery is easy to decide. We talked about a Gator theme. Ultimately we decided on a Dr. Seuss theme, Oh the Places You'll Go. We are really excited about it. Since we can't paint the walls, we are thinking of some craft things we can do to decorate.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Month 5

 This month was very exciting! We finally found out what our baby is and.... it's a boy!! I am enjoying the second trimester. I have more energy! I have fewer food aversions. And, I think I am finally over my sinus issues... well, for now. They come and go. I'm glad we know the gender but it has made me want to shop! We bought Lincoln his stocking. I wanted to make sure it matches our other ones. Then, we were at the cutest baby boutique in town (and owned by a fellow Gator) and I bought a cute little Gator backpack. Lincoln had to have it!