Sunday, February 7, 2010

Amazing things are happening!

One word to describe the past month... WOW!!!

For the first time in years, well since our family left Heartland, I have found a church I love! Right away, I felt I was welcomed and for the first time in my life I feel like I am at the exact place God wants me. I have been attending Antioch, which is out of Waco (it's not a cult, I promise) and they have churches all over the world! Every service I have attended has brought tears and not just a few but hard core tears. Here is how it's transferred into our lives at home because church is great but it can't happen only on Sundays. About a month ago, I prayed with this lady Suzanne about Brad's job situation. While she was praying, she asked God for something to happen "This week!" and she kept saying it over and over. Well, that week Brad got a phone call asking for some writing samples for a Technical Editor position. Then, a few weeks later they called to schedule and interview. He has his interview on Friday at 1:30. Please keep Brad in your prayers and this opportunity.

I have applied for a fellowship in Washington, D.C. I am waiting to hear back about my application and I applied because it would be a cool experience and possibly take me to new heights in my career. The fellowship would provide opportunities to work with government agencies to determine where funding will go in education. Although, looking at the weather right now, it looks VERY cold in DC.

School is going well. You can see more information about that on my other blog: Adventures of a 4th Grade Teacher . I am very fortunate to have a student teacher and am seeing tremendous growths in my students. I am going to a Technology conference in Austin this week for 3 days and the best part... since my ST is in full responsibility, I don't have to write sub plans!! On Saturday, I am participating in the Junior Achievement bowl-a-thon with other teachers from school. We are going to be the Pink Pirates. I am looking forward to it even though I can't bowl. If you are interested in sponsoring me, please let me know! Junior Achievement does a lot of work with our schools. I promise it is for a good cause! We will keep you updated on our life developments as they come. Thank you for your prayers!