Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's a ....

BOY!! We found out our little one's gender today! It was very exciting and it's nice to refer to our baby as something other than "it". We are naming our little guy Lincoln Dutch. Our name actually has a lot of meaning and it's different! Lincoln is after a very special guy to us, Sam. He has been there for both of us, especially Brad. We hope our little guy is half the man that Sam is. Dutch comes from a few different people: my grandpa (on dad's side) was called Dutch. Plus, my grandpa (on my mom's side) used to call me Dutch when I was little.

Everything looked great on the ultrasound. Lincoln was very active so it took a while to figure out if had boy parts or not. He was moving his legs and arms around like crazy. I am a little worried that he's going to be an active dude. Either way, he will be perfect. I am also measuring 4 days ahead of schedule. I will post a picture later this weekend.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Charity Ball

Every year Junior League's main fundraiser is our Charity Ball. This year's theme was "Once upon a time" and the decorations were beautiful! My friend Lauren and I decided we were going to go before we found out or even planned on getting pregnant. Little did we know that both of us would be pregnant. The challenge was finding a dress that had "room to grow" since it will also be my Christmas party dress. Luckily, I made out like a bandit at David's bridal! 

My committee members: Jamie, Lauren, and me!

We put a frame around our baby bumps!

We had a lot of fun in the photo booth. Melanie sat at our table and she is also pregnant. So, here is a 'Knocked Up" picture! :) 

Ball was a lot of fun. I thought going to ball would be more fun than buying a raffle ticket. Plus, I already won some diamond earrings from buying a raffle ticket so I thought I would give someone else a chance. 

Month 4

This week we hit the 4 month mark. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going already! In a few short weeks we will know if Shumlet is a boy or girl. :)

I had an appointment last week and I have gained 11 pounds so far. Not too shabby. It is really hard to be "okay" with gaining weight, but I know that my job is to worry about growing our precious baby and not losing weight. That will come later.

Second trimester has treated me well. I have had more energy! I actually feel human again! I have started to feel Shumlet moving around. Nothing major, but I keep feeling some little flutters every few days. I can't wait until I can feel Shumlet kicking me. I say that now... :)

Thank you for the continued prayers/thoughts for a healthy pregnancy and baby!