Sunday, August 11, 2013

Month 4

Apparently I skipped month 3. Just know that Lincoln grew... a lot! We tried a lot of new things in month 4! Lincoln can roll over both ways. He can keep his head steady. He weighs 12 lbs 1 oz and is 25.25 inches long! He is lean and mean according to the doctor.

Lincoln loves to "stand" so we decided to try the exersaucer. He LOVES it! I think he would stay in here all day if we would let him. He throws his body back and forth and makes it rock. 

Let me tell you, this kid can cheese it for the camera! He is such a happy baby! 

Lincoln tried a little bit of rice cereal for the first time tonight. We started a little early to try to get some more meat on his bones. Plus, we wanted to get him used to cereal before he started daycare. 

Did I mention this kid loves to eat? In between every spoonful, this is the face we got. He didn't like the breaks in his eating. 

And we wore more cereal than actually made it in his mouth. 

He is starting to teeth. His hands are constantly in his mouth and drool is pouring out! No pearly whites yet, but they have to be coming soon! Lincoln and I have had a great summer together! I am going to miss him when I start work on Friday. Lincoln starts daycare on Monday, the 19th. I am sure I am going to have more tears than he will. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

2 months!

People aren't kidding when they tell you that they grow up fast. I can't believe Lincoln is already 2 months old! He survived his first set of shots like a champ! He weighed in at 10 lbs 5 oz. and is 24.25 inches long! He is going to be a tall, skinny kid! This explains why his clothes fit in the length, but still look like they are falling off of him. 

We have tried to get out at least once a day, even if it is for a small errand. We go walking with our friends a few times a week. On Saturday, we went to the splash pad. I was going to put Lincoln in the water, but he fell asleep and slept the whole time! But... look how cute he looks in his bathing suit. 

He wasn't a fan of the picture taking... or the hat. I haven't decided which one yet. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One month old

It is so hard to believe that we have survived our first month with Lincoln. He is such a sweet boy and a great baby! We are getting sleep... when we can and adjusting to our new life. Daisy is a little protective and a whole lot of jealous! Here are some pictures from our first month with Lincoln. 

 They sleep the same... I love it!

This is our favorite look from Lincoln. He wrinkles his forehead and it is so stinkin' cute!

Tummy time is hard work!

We had to pull out winter hats... in May. Ridiculous. But how ridiculously cute are Lincoln and Daddy in their matching beanies!

Here is our little guy one month old! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lincoln's Arrival

Well, our little guy decided to come early... with a little help from the doctors. I went in to the hospital last Friday with high blood pressure. After being monitored for several hours and no signs of improvement we were admitted at 2:30 am Saturday morning. Dr. Jansky came in at 6 am and told us we were going to be induced. At this point, we called my mom and Brad's mom. They were going to drive from Florida and hopefully make it in time. It was a long day of waiting for to dilate and everything else in my body to get ready for this little guy. My friend Sarah brought lunch for Brad so he didn't have to leave, plus some gossip magazines to make the time go a little faster. :) 

Later in the afternoon, Dr. J came in and broke my water and started the pitocin. I was having consistent contractions every 2 minutes but I wasn't dilated enough. I decided that would be a good time to get the epidural since things were about to get very painful. Connie, my Texas mom and teaching partner came up and sat with me. I was thankful to have some company to keep my mind off of how hungry I was and how long I had been in that bed already.  For about an hour my epidural stopped working and I thought I was going to die. Once it kicked back in... I felt great! No pain!

At 11:30, they checked me again and I was only 5 cm. dilated. C-section was hinted at a few times and this was something Brad and I didn't want at all. At 1:30, Tara (our fabulous nurse) came in and Brad asked her to check me again. This time, I was ready! I got really nervous. OMG.... I am having a baby!! They called Dr. Moore (the dr. on call) and Brad texted our family. Our parents were 10 minutes away... talk about God's timing! Our parents walked in (at 1:40am on Sunday) as we were doing our "practice push" and Lincoln was crowning so they made me stop and relax while we waited on Dr. Moore. He came in at 2:00 am, set everything up, and we pushed... one time... and our little miracle, Lincoln Dutch Shumbera was born at 2:10 am on April 7th. 

I was amazed at how easy it was. I thought I was going to push for hours. Brad immediately went with Lincoln for his measurements. Once we got to our post partum room I was so happy to eat. The crappy hospital sandwich was the most amazing sandwich ever. I had a hard time sleeping because my adrenaline was pumping. 

Lincoln Dutch Shumbera
April 7, 2013 at 2:10 am
7 lbs. 13.4 oz
20.75 inches long

Our little Shumlet... our miracle

Our first family picture

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

7 months

Where has time gone??? I can't believe it has already been 7 months and our little guy will be here in 3 months! This month we have done a little more prep to get ready for Lincoln. We finally got his room cleaned out and are working on cleaning the carpets this weekend. We have been very fortunate to receive the glider and changing table as gifts. We purchased the crib and dresser this weekend.

I feel great! I have gained more weight than I wanted to, but I have enjoyed myself. :) Plus, I know what works to get it off afterwards. I strive to take a walk each evening. My back has started hurting... some nights. Laying down for a bit has helped. Brad finally felt Lincoln kick and it was a big kick! He has been very active and loves music. I can't wait to meet this little guy!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby Love!

The second trimester has been so much fun!
1. I have energy
2. I can feel Lincoln moving around... a lot!
3. I have energy!
4. I look pregnant... not like I am gaining weight.

I can tell this trimester is coming to an end and we are moving into the home stretch. It's getting harder to switch sides at night and get off the couch. My back has started hurting. I'm getting tired faster. But, it's all worth it!

Every time Lincoln kicks, I'll call over Brad and he stops! Brad has yet to feel him kick. This morning, my alarm went off. I hit snooze and Lincoln started kicking me. He did the same thing went it went off the second and third time. I think the sound of my alarm scared him! It was so funny. It's amazing what they can hear from "the outside".

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Month 6

I can't believe that I am already 6 months pregnant! I'm not sure if it's because I am carrying a boy or what, but I have been very blessed during this pregnancy. Aside from the continuous sinus issues, I feel great! This month is the first month that I had strangers asking me when I was due. I'm glad I look pregnant and not fat. :) I have felt Lincoln move around a lot more. He has found my bladder, which has been a fun guessing game of whether or not I need to visit the ladies room. This week, I started feeling when he has the hiccups.

We  had a nice, quiet Christmas. We missed our family but it was nice to relax and start getting ready for our little guy! After cleaning out 1 room and 3 closets, we got rid of 13 bags of trash!! It's been hard to purge, I am Dutch after all, but it's worth it. I know that a baby comes with a lot of stuff. I want to make sure we are as ready as we can be.