Thursday, June 17, 2010

Splash Pad Fun

Today I went to the splash pad with my friends Sarah and James. James had fun in the water, running around for mommy to chase him, and finding a lot of sticks. It was a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.
I'm a horribly mean mom and made Daisy walk to the park with me. She has a rough life. After her long walk (it is not even close to a mile) she spent her time at the splash pad under a shady tree. I was impressed at how well she stayed under the tree and didn't try to run.
Daisy has a new friend in James. Whenever he would talk to her he would use a high, soft voice. It was so cute. He would play for a bit then go pet Daisy. In the meantime, Daisy would lick the water off of James.
After the splash pad, Sarah rescued Daisy's tired muscles and drove us home. Daisy crashed and spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping. I didn't get enough sun so I spent some time at the pool. All in all.... a great summer day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're Published!

Here is a screen shot of the NSTA Journal Page. We are officially published in the summer issue of Science and Children. You can't read the article from this page unless you are a member. However, if you are interested in reading the article, let me know and I will send it to you.  I am very excited to have this accomplishment to add to my resume. I also enjoyed collaborating with two of my best friends to make this happen.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yard Sale

I felt so grown up on Saturday. We had our first yard sale at my friend Krissy's house. We did very well and sold a lot of our.... treasure. Our first customer came at 6:50 am and bought my DDR game and dance pads. I had a little giggle when she said, "Maybe I will work out more with these". What I didn't tell her... I had the same thought and it didn't work. Other highlights from the day included a guy coming up and ordering another guy to load things in the van and pulled out a wad of 100's for his garage sale excursion. He asked if we had any other furniture, so I'm not sure what he did. Overall, we had a great day. We enjoyed hanging out with each other, watching Michael climb, or attempt to climb in the water cooler and making some money. All together, we made over $300 and I made $200. We donated the rest of the stuff. I'd say this yard sale was a success and plan to have another one... eventually.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

School's Out for Summer!!

Holy cow!! Summer is here! I know you are dying to know my summer plans. Well, here they are! The first few weeks we be spent going through our apartment for a garage sale on the 12th. I have plenty of things that could benefit other people. Other than that, I will spend the month of June helping Brad with the job search. I'm stoked for July! I will spend July 11th through the 25th on the road touring Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado exploring geographical features. Don't worry, I will post here daily while on my trip! I'm very excited and the best part is that it is free!!!! Other than that, I have a lot of reading, relaxing, and writing to do. I plan to collaborate with Becky and Katie C. to finally write the pen pal project up for a professional journal! Hopefully, this will actually start. :) Stay tuned for more updates.