Sunday, August 11, 2013

Month 4

Apparently I skipped month 3. Just know that Lincoln grew... a lot! We tried a lot of new things in month 4! Lincoln can roll over both ways. He can keep his head steady. He weighs 12 lbs 1 oz and is 25.25 inches long! He is lean and mean according to the doctor.

Lincoln loves to "stand" so we decided to try the exersaucer. He LOVES it! I think he would stay in here all day if we would let him. He throws his body back and forth and makes it rock. 

Let me tell you, this kid can cheese it for the camera! He is such a happy baby! 

Lincoln tried a little bit of rice cereal for the first time tonight. We started a little early to try to get some more meat on his bones. Plus, we wanted to get him used to cereal before he started daycare. 

Did I mention this kid loves to eat? In between every spoonful, this is the face we got. He didn't like the breaks in his eating. 

And we wore more cereal than actually made it in his mouth. 

He is starting to teeth. His hands are constantly in his mouth and drool is pouring out! No pearly whites yet, but they have to be coming soon! Lincoln and I have had a great summer together! I am going to miss him when I start work on Friday. Lincoln starts daycare on Monday, the 19th. I am sure I am going to have more tears than he will.