Monday, April 16, 2012

Where is Onderland?

Well, I'll tell you! Onderland is where you are when you weigh under 200 pounds. It is a place a big girl can only dream of. Well, I am happy to visit Onderland once again. I plan to stay here a very, very long time. So here is this week's weight loss update.

This week's loss: 3 pounds
Total loss: 87.6 pounds

This week's loss: 3.2 pounds
Total loss: 99.8 pounds!

If this dude would have spit, he would have hit 100 pounds!! And here is an NSV: My team had chocolate cake for my partner teacher's birthday. It looked so delicious. I didn't even have a taste! I'm sure it is a lot better than my Medifast (MF) brownie, but that's my option for right now. Did I mention I've been working out? I had to tone up these flabby arms somehow. Well, each day I have increased my distance on the elliptical. Plus, I have been doing crunches and have done over 50 without stopping. This is huge! I used to quit after 10!!

Benefits of Medifast:
- more energy
- my foot doesn't hurt!
- I feel better
- my blood pressure is great!
- I get compliments all the time (this makes a girl feel good)
- I love getting healthier with my hubby
- I will never eat the same again.

Okay, I'll stop rambling! I'm just so excited! Can you tell?

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