Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's get real...

I'm going to get real for a minute. I hope that's okay. I have been debating on blogging about this topic for a while but I keep feeling led to do it. Maybe it will help someone. Maybe it will help me deal with things. Either way, it can't hurt.

Brad and I have been trying to start our family for over a year. In October of 2011 I went to the doctor and inquired about infertility. We did some tests and everything looked great. But... still no baby. We tried Clomid for 4 months. It worked for two out of the four months and my numbers were never "impressive", at least that's how my nurse put it. They referred me to a reproductive specialist, which terrified me. We went a few weeks ago and preliminary tests show that I may have PCOS: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which is fairly common. The best thing to do: Lose weight. Well, I'm working on that! I went last week and had 10 vials of blood drawn. I also learned that I have a polyp on my uterus that has to be removed. Awesome. We go back on Thursday for the real deal... we find out what exactly is going on and our plan of action. I have faith that God has that perfect baby for us. I am hopeful that things will work out. However, this is harder to deal with than I ever imagined. Fortunately, I have a great support group! I am forever grateful for them!

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