Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekly Update!

It's time for your Medifast Monday update! Last week I hit Onderland. As a reward to myself I got some new ink. I am totally in love with it and Chris at Liberty Tattoo did a great job! 

This week was not a great weigh in but I am okay with that. I gained a pound. But, I have been killing it at the gym. I have increased all of my weights by 5 pounds, done 100 crunches each day, and started doing push ups... the girly kind. But, I did 20 of them today. That's two more than yesterday. :) Plus, I'm still under 200 and I lost inches this week!

Brad is killing this diet!! He hit the actual 100 pounds lost mark. I believe he is actually at 103 pounds lost. I am so proud of him. We finally got his picture. Here is his before and now picture. Enjoy!

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