Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 33 Update

32 weeks on Medifast. For those of you that are following along, that is 33 weeks without a candy bar, ice cream, milk, fruit, fast food (aside from Jimmy John's unwich). It's crazy! But we feel better and we definitely look better. I came across a picture on my laptop last week and I didn't even recognize it as myself. Of course, when I try to find it to show you.. I can't! Anyway, here is our 32 week update.

Brad has lost a total of 111 pounds!!

I have lost a total of 97.8 pounds!! I am almost to the 100 mark. 

If you are on Medifast and you haven't tried PB2, you are missing out! It is heavenly on top of the cookie or brownie! I feel like I am eating a Reece's PB cup. Don't be put off by the powder form. It is delicious! The "chocolate" one is sweeter and not as thick. I actually like it more. 

Happy Memorial Day friends!

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