Monday, May 21, 2012

I can't keep track...

Maybe it's due to the fact that it is almost summer. 7 more alarm clock mornings. :) I'm not counting weekends. Anyways... I had a busy weekend. Well, not busy, really. I spent the weekend crafting, reading, and shopping. I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend! I have been sucked into the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and by sucked in, I mean I should have waited until summer started because I would be happy staying home and reading all day until I finish the books. Okay, I was going to post a weight loss update. So, here it is. I can't think off hand how long we have been doing this but we have hit some big mile stones lately.

Kristen: 96 pounds lost
Brad: 107.6 pounds lost

Non-scale victories:

My BMI is at 29.7. 30 and higher is considered obese. I am no longer considered obese!! I am officially down to "overweight". I will take that over obese any day, but I can't wait until my BMI is in a healthy range.

I went shopping on Saturday. I had some gift cards to spend and my bras were beginning to look like I was a pre-teen hoping for more to fill 'em in! Almost 100 pounds later, 50 pounds since I bought my last set of bras and I would say it was time for more! So, I went to Victoria's Secret crossing my fingers that I could wear their bras but being realistic. Well, after measurements I was like a giddy school girl! I can officially wear VS bras! It is the first time in my life... ever! I am sure I am over sharing but if you have ever been over weight and could only wear boring bras, you completely understand.

Brad and I recently discovered PB2. It is heavenly, especially on top of a MF brownie! YUMMY! I'm thinking it would be a good alternative to regular PB, even after the diet. :)

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