Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Corpus Christi

Krissy and I spent this past weekend in Corpus for a girls weekend/ archaeology lesson. I learned more about what Krissy studies, and hope to put that knowledge to use in the near future. But, along the way we squeezed in a lot of fun! 

 We started our visit with a Hooks game. The Hooks are a farm team for the Astros. The best part, well there are two fantastic parts. First, we scored free tickets!! Second, Hooks won!!

On Saturday, we went to the Museum and got a behind the scenes tour! Our guide, Eric, took us to the back room where there were a ton of artifacts! It was so cool to see all of this fragile, old treasure! Then, we spent a few hours at the beach. The water felt great, until we kept getting bit by something. Little did we know, there were a ton of jellyfish in the water!
We got back to our room and noticed that it wasn't cleaned but our towels were gone. So they came in our room, took our towels but didn't replace them, and didn't clean our room! Madness! Oh well, we laughed about it. 

This picture was taken while we waited for a seat at Joe's Crab Shack. I know, it's a chain. But, it was on the water and fun! After dinner we went to the Selena statue and searched for a cache, although we weren't successful. This statue made me sad. Selena was beginning to cross over into the American pop scene when her life was taken way too early.

So that fire ant feeling we felt earlier....yeah, here's why. All of the larger white things in the water, those are jellyfish!! Check out how many there are! I couldn't believe it.

Before we left on Sunday we went on a tour of the USS Lexington. These things always amaze me. I couldn't imagine living on one, it's no cruise ship. But they have everything you can imagine! We got a workout and saw some neat things. If you are ever in Corpus, you should check it out!

I had a great time with Krissy. I went someplace new in Texas, which I am always up for. Plus, I got to spend a great weekend with a great friend! I am truly blessed to have such great people in my life. 

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