Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I knew I wanted to make a beginning of the year gift for my new team members. But, I didn't know what to make them. Well, while cleaning out around my house I found 4 clipboards. Where did all of them come from?? I made one for each of my team members. I think for my first "set" they turned out pretty cute. I am looking for ways to improve them. For one, I used Mod Podge to put the paper on and it kept bubbling up. On the last one, I used spray adhesive and that worked a little better. I didn't have any ribbon to match Mrs. Byrd's so I added some bling instead! 

You'll have to turn your head on this one. I couldn't get my picture to turn and I sure tried! After making these, I decided that I need to add more ribbon to my collection. And, I need to buy more full sheet scrapbook paper so there isn't a seam at the bottom. Here's to more improvement! :)

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