Monday, December 26, 2011

Week 10 update

First, this is just ridiculous! Look at this lazy dog!

Okay, moving on! I spent some time last week organizing some main areas in our apartment. Brad and I started with our medifast food. Our boxes get all mixed up in the pantry and it takes up two shelves. Mess. So, we now have them organized by meal as pictured below. :) 

I even labeled the drawers so we know who's is who's. I don't like some of the things Brad has, so I didn't want to mix up our food. 

Our friends may come to visit and this is a little gift basket we put together for them with snack foods, since we don't have any in our house. 

My final organization project was my craft area. It was driving me crazy! My new Imagine (which I love) takes up my whole desk, leaving me no work space. So, I had to think of something else. We went to Target and got this shelf for $30, plus some cute rubbermaid containers for all of my paper and wa-la! New craft area. 

Here is a picture of my craft corner. I love the work space that I have now!

Now onto the news you have been waiting for! We had our 10th weigh in this week and we both lost... during the holidays. That's what happens when you don't cheat... at all! I lost another 4 pounds for a total of 45.6 pounds!! Brad lost another 2.5 for a total of 47.6 pounds! Together, we have lost 93.2 pounds! 

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