Sunday, December 11, 2011

8 week update

Wow! We have been on this weight loss journey for 8 weeks! I haven't had an egg mcmuffin in two months! I haven't had a piece of chocolate in two months! GASP!! I can't believe I am still alive! Who would have thought?? Well, here is an update on our progress in 2 months.

Upper arms: -0.5 inches
Chest: -1.9 inches
Waist: -7.5 inches (not sure how accurate this is. I think we measured in a different spot week 2
Hips: -4.5 inches
Thighs: -0.5 inches

Total inches lost: 14.9!!
I am down 37 pounds in only two months!
I am under 250 for the first time in years. I can't even remember when I weighed less than 250. That's how long it's been.
Back down to a size 18 in pants and XL in shirts.

Upper arms: -0.5 inches
Chest: -1.5 inches
Waist:-3.5 inches
Hips: -2.5 inches
Thighs: -1 inch

Total inches lost: 9!!
Brad is down 42.5 pounds!
Down to 2X shirts and 50 pants, but even those are falling off of him. We haven't really shopped to see Brad's current pant size.

We have tried a lot of new recipes and I now like several veggies that I didn't like before. I haven't craved chocolate, which is amazing! Brad still misses Mexican and Chinese food so I am trying to find Medifast recipes that meet these genres of food.

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