Sunday, October 16, 2011

*gasp* Don't say the four letter word!!

If you know Brad and I personally, you know that we have struggled with our weight. I have tried Weight Watchers for the past year and learned there is too much freedom. "Oh this piece of chocolate won't hurt." A week later.... "why didn't I lose this week?" So, we are trying something new tomorrow. We spent our weekend cleaning out all of the tempting food. I have 2 boxes of food to give to a friend!! This is the first time I have ever done that! We took measurements, before pictures, planned meals and I think we are ready!!

So, wish us luck! We'll keep you updated with our progress. When I'm not totally disgusted with my before picture and have made some progress, I'll post picture progress. :)


  1. Getting rid of tempting food is awesome! If it is in the house I eat it. :) Way to go Kristen!

  2. Thanks for the extra encouragement! I'm sure I'll need it in a few days. :)