Sunday, October 30, 2011

And the journey continues....

Brad and I are about to end week 2 of our weight loss journey. I am anxious to weigh in tomorrow to see our progress. Originally, I thought about measuring every month. However, today I decided I want to see progress more often and am going to measure every 2 weeks. Brad's measurements from last time didn't save, so we aren't exact on how many inches he went down. We know he lost an inch in his waist! Yay! GO Brad!!

Fortunately, my measurements from the first week saved. So far, I have lost 5.7 inches total!! Here is the breakdown:

1 inch from my chest
3.7 inches from my waist
1 inch from my hips

My arms and legs stayed the same... for now. Thanks for sharing our journey and our success with us. We will continue to keep you updated!

1 comment:

  1. way to go kristen! i know it is hard and you are rocking it!