Monday, June 14, 2010

Yard Sale

I felt so grown up on Saturday. We had our first yard sale at my friend Krissy's house. We did very well and sold a lot of our.... treasure. Our first customer came at 6:50 am and bought my DDR game and dance pads. I had a little giggle when she said, "Maybe I will work out more with these". What I didn't tell her... I had the same thought and it didn't work. Other highlights from the day included a guy coming up and ordering another guy to load things in the van and pulled out a wad of 100's for his garage sale excursion. He asked if we had any other furniture, so I'm not sure what he did. Overall, we had a great day. We enjoyed hanging out with each other, watching Michael climb, or attempt to climb in the water cooler and making some money. All together, we made over $300 and I made $200. We donated the rest of the stuff. I'd say this yard sale was a success and plan to have another one... eventually.

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