Saturday, April 17, 2010

Woo hoo!!

I haven't cried in days!!! Hooray! Maybe the people at the water works plan finally got the memo! Life has been better this week. I have decided to "Let go and let God" and give it to him. I think I can fix everything but I can't so it is all His now. Have I mentioned that a growing number of our friends are having babies??? We went through this a few years ago also. However, now we have some friends on their second child and some on their first. It is exciting to share in this time with them. We also found out that we will have another niece or nephew. This will be #13 and we still have 3 siblings between the 2 of us that do not have kids yet. I am not complaining. In fact, it is fun having a large family and there is NEVER a dull moment!

Yesterday, I "talked" to Cross on the phone. Actually, I talked and he grunted and laughed. He thinks Auntie K is pretty funny. I asked him if he wanted to come visit Auntie K and Uncle Brad in Texas and he "told" me he did. I told him he had to put some pressure on mommy and grandma. He is growing fast and has a great personality.

The job search is still the same. Brad has applied for several positions but we haven't heard much. Thank you for the continued prayers. We know there is something out there for him, it's a matter of God's timing and the perfect position for him. I hope you have a blessed week, while I try not to stress out about the TAKS test. :)

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