Sunday, August 28, 2011

Butterfly Blog Award

I received this award from Jen at Thanks to Jen, I am participating in my first blog hop and I'm super excited!
As part of this award, I have to answer the following 12 questions and pass this on to 6 people.  Here are the answers to my questions:
Name your favorite color? purple, although blue and orange are close seconds :)
Name your favorite song? Don't Stop Believing... it's my motto
Name your favoirte dessert? there are so many choices!! I would have to say anything with white chocolate
What wizzes you off at the moment? I don't have anything today. Ask me tomorrow, and I may have something. :)
Your favorite pet? Daisy girls of course!
Black or white? Black... it's slimming
Your biggest fear? being alone... watch out! I'm getting deep on you!
Best feature? My eyes
Everyday attitude? Glass half full... I always stay on the positive side of things
What is perfection? My love and family
Guilty pleasure? craft supplies and gossip magazines
When you're upset? I watch a sappy movie and get over it

I am awarding this award to the following blogs:

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