Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Man, this weekend was a much needed long weekend. I always wonder what I will do with my days off and often make "to do" lists that end up half way done. This weekend I had plans to scrapbook, file bills, decorate, bake, and go see Harry Potter. Well, I decorated for Christmas and I baked some cookies. I got half of my list done. However, I finished a book and rented 4 movies.

On Thanksgiving, Brad and I went to a fancy restaurant, Christopher's. It was delicious. I have to say that the stuffing and the white chocolate pumpkin cheesecake were my favorites! I was amazed at how many families ate there. I think when we have a family we will actually cook. :) And by we, I mean.... Brad. JK I will help. I was disappointed by the Macy's Day Parade. Since when is the parade a bunch of interviews with famous people??? I wanted to see the floats! I stopped watching it. Speaking of things I stopped watching... the Gator game was RIDICULOUS!! I stopped watching that before the second half because I could feel my blood pressure rising! I took a break and went shopping instead and watched my checking account go in the opposite direction. There's always next year.

All in all I had a great long weekend. How did you spend Thanksgiving??

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