Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy *cough* Hallow *cough*een!

*cough* That's been the sound around my house this weekend. Apparently my Halloween treat this year was the worst sinus infection I have EVER had! Since Tuesday I have had a low (99 degrees) fever and no voice! Our house has been pretty quiet and so has my classroom since my kiddos had to be quiet to hear me. After a trip to Urgent Care after work on Friday, I have plenty of meds to hopefully kick this thing!

We spent our Halloween weekend in. I was very excited that the Gators beat Georgia! GO GATORS!!! I have enjoyed all of the pictures of the kiddos dressed up for Halloween! Daisy was not excited about dressing up so I didn't even get a costume for her. I hope you all had a safe and memorable Halloween. Here's to a more exciting day next year.

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