Sunday, July 26, 2009

After popular demand:

This weekend we spent the weekend in Houston to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary. We went to dinner with my friend from elementary school Amie and her family on Friday and had a blast. Her kids kept us laughing the whole night. On Saturday, we spent the afternoon in the museum district, visiting the Holocaust Museum and The Museum of Natural Science.

After some rest we decided to go to dinner at P.F Chang where the night got very interesting. First, Clyde Drexler (who I didn't recognize and Brad had to explain who he was) held the door open for me!! (I have added that to my list as well as sitting on Carl Malone's lap when I was little.) Once we were seated, I had a nice view of Clyde the Glide and was asked a million questions about what he was eating and if he was using chop sticks or not. As if that was enough excitement the REAL drama started. Brad and I were enjoying our lettuce wraps when all of a sudden a fight broke out and we had a view of it all!!! The "mall cops" came over and "arrested" the guys while they figured out what happened. However, it was one guys 5 friends and a girl telling what happened. Then, the real (genious) cop came over and pulled the girl away from the guys to figure out what happened. After a lot of talking and several minutes of OPD (Other People's Drama) the guys were both released. Turns out, one guy was upset because the Valet guys scratched up his car. Then, him and this other guy got into a fight over a girl. No one knows how it happened for sure but our waiter tried very hard to get the scoop for me.

We spent Sunday at the Astros game where they lost. However, it was very cool to see them play in Minute Maid Park since we grew up watching them during Spring Training in Kissimmee. It was a great and memorable anniversary. I start Jump Start tomorrow so it is back to work for a few weeks before a few days off. I am ready to get back into a routine and stay home for several weeks before traveling again. I am thankful my job does not require me to travel. Thank you all for the anniversary wishes.

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